The things we do not say, become

The things that will shape a life

They grow larger for not being said

Things like, I am afraid I am not crazy

After all I am

Afraid it is my brain (it is)

And not my mind

That is causing all this trouble

And I wanted to marry you

As soon as I met you

I thought you would think that was weird

But it’s true

My stomach stretches

I have been taught to find this disgusting

But it is evidence of how badly

I want to live

I walk around naked sometimes

And look at myself in mirrors

And do not kill myself

In punishment for what I see

I would like to live in a house

With no mirrors

Better yet a house

Where mirrors are meaningless

Porn and five-speed vibrators and

Ex football players and athletes are

All parts of the world but

Nothing is as exciting as he is

Ordinary human beings and love

Are not as incompatible

As they seem on tv

The difference between yes or no

Is not what you do

It’s who you are and

If you are brave enough to be that

Passion is a naming what is

Befriending what is already true

Trusting truth not to betray you

Sex is as vulnerable as a man can be

But it doesn’t have to hurt

Vulnerability I mean

It is just another mirror

As long as you do not fear yourself

Nothing you see can hurt you

Nothing anyone else sees can hurt you

Their perspective cannot alter what is true

Freedom is knowing nothing you do

Will change the core of who you are

You can choose to show it

You cannot choose to be it

And you cannot choose not to

Men punish vulnerability in other men

Women are not men

Writes all the things. Photographs the light. Smiles at odd moments. Reads in the shower. Sings to the trees. Hopes a lot.

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