I think this is a very important article.

I also want to note, however, that this article and the ideas embedded are unthinkingly very centered on a certain kind of privilege. Black women presumably also want to connect with strong men, but many Black men are in prison, often unjustly. I am a fat woman and I would like stronger relationships with men, but men are enculturated to disrespect me. I am also working class, and most of the time, I don’t have the privilege to think about embracing my inner feminine or not. I’m just trying to survive in this body.

Men might be drawn to the feminine principle, but they’ve been enculturated to look for it in skinny, wealthy, white women. They might ask the rest of us to feed their needs, but for the most part, they won’t respond well to being asked to respond in kind.

I don’t bother to want a strong man. I just want men who won’t make fat jokes or stare at my breasts because they know they can get away with it.

Let’s all be a little more aware of those who don’t have what we have.

Writes all the things. Photographs the light. Smiles at odd moments. Reads in the shower. Sings to the trees. Hopes a lot.

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