Emotionally Abusive Behaviors that are Unacceptable in Adults

What do we talk about when we talk about toxicity? Is it the landlord who refuses to make minor repairs out of an unspoken grudge against single women, queer women, Jews? Is it the supervisor who finds fault to avoid taking responsibility? Is it the date who stands you up…

Even When We’re Lying, We’re Still Telling a Truth Worth Hearing

I was celibate for ten years, and I wanted everyone to know it.

There are many ways to tell this story. I had sex with a man and I can’t remember it because maybe I was drugged. I was raped by someone my own age after a childhood of being…

Rape killed the best woman I’ve ever known, so no. I’m still not over it.

Image from the Alliance of Young Women Journalists: PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN — Review by Susan Wloszczyna — ALLIANCE OF WOMEN FILM JOURNALISTS (awfj.org)

My friend killed herself, and for the longest time I thought it was my fault.

That night, she was drinking. D was always drinking, by then. She drank during the day. She drank all night long. She drank and sometimes she popped pills, but why would I worry about that…

Pink collar jobs serve the same historical role, and we all know it

Australia Business Insider: 20 ‘pink-collar’ jobs dominated by women (businessinsider.com.au)

I recently asked the HR department at my current job for the job description I’m supposed to be following. I received about three pages listing out a bunch of professional competencies, with the occasional sentence reading “may be responsible to do x.”

Based on this job description, provided by HR…

How a culture’s venerated mothers keep male privilege alive.

Free Photo | Side view of grandmother and grandson playing and sticking their tongues out (freepik.com)

A few weeks ago, a very nice Jewish lady asked me, “how are you ever going to find a nice Jewish boy?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. I’m not sure I’m ever going to find a nice Jewish boy.

I’m not sure that nice Jewish…

Smallville was just an excuse to hate every bullied nerd and ugly girl you ever mocked in high school

Image: WB

An autistic boy. The school bullies’ favorite target. A fat girl.

What do these people have in common? They were all villains during Smallville’s first season.

Given a little power, each of these characters transformed into an Evil Supervillain who wanted nothing more than to wreak havoc on the lives…

Rivka Wolf

I’m just a girl trying to be a superhero and save myself.

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