Emotionally Abusive Behaviors that are Unacceptable in Adults

What do we talk about when we talk about toxicity? Is it the landlord who refuses to make minor repairs out of an unspoken grudge against single women, queer women, Jews? Is it the supervisor who finds fault to avoid taking responsibility? Is it the date who stands you up…

Even When We’re Lying, We’re Still Telling a Truth Worth Hearing

I was celibate for ten years, and I wanted everyone to know it.

There are many ways to tell this story. I had sex with a man and I can’t remember it because maybe I was drugged. I was raped by someone my own age after a childhood of being…

Rape killed the best woman I’ve ever known, so no. I’m still not over it.

Image from the Alliance of Young Women Journalists: PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN — Review by Susan Wloszczyna — ALLIANCE OF WOMEN FILM JOURNALISTS (awfj.org)

My friend killed herself, and for the longest time I thought it was my fault.

That night, she was drinking. D was always drinking, by then. She drank during the day. She drank all night long. She drank and sometimes she popped pills, but why would I worry about that…

Reality is better than any fantasy could ever be

Asad Photo — Maldives

I chose this photo because I’ve never been that girl. I’ve never worn white and pretended to dance on a beach. I’ve never owned a sundress as an adult and I’ll never be that thin again in my life. I’ve never seen myself inside a dream that looks like that…

My former self-help guru has shown her true colors at last

Rachel Hollis, Lifestyle Author, Faces Backlash — The New York Times (nytimes.com)

I really, really needed Rachel Hollis.

Like so many children who are products of an unstructured and chaotic home environment, self-care has always been a struggle for me. And like Hollis herself, I reacted to the circumstances of my childhood by becoming the caretaker everyone else could rely on. She…

My favorite novel is the little-known story of the survivor of institutionalization, torture, and child abuse (TW)

Amazon.com: Daughter of the Blood (The Black Jewels Book 1) eBook : Bishop, Anne: Kindle Store

The most powerful person in this world is a ten-year-old girl, and she is a rape survivor. If that isn’t reason enough to fall in love with this story, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

There are unicorns. There is a dragon, living underneath the castle in…

We all know Dylan Farrow is telling the truth, don’t we?

From source

‘It was really an investigation’: inside HBO’s explosive Allen v Farrow documentary | Documentary

The Guardian

Is anybody under the impression that Woody Allen is a good father?

If so, please immediately disqualify yourself from future participation in the duties of national civic life. You are officially too easily convinced…

Rivka Wolf

I’m just a girl trying to be a superhero and save myself.

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